Hello from Sunny Norfolk

Sep 2, 2013
Been lurking for a while now so thought it about time to say hello and introduce myself..
well been into caravanning since a child parents had caravans and apart from the ages of 18 discovered girls and beer and 30 got married have been caravanning or tenting most of my life, Since getting married my wife and I have had Tents, old glass windowed caravan, Trailer tent, Big American Caravan, Motorhomes and UK Caravans, our outfit is currently a 2011 Bailey Unicorn Almeria Vango Varkala 420 Air Beam Awning and tow car 2013 Ford Kuga, a very nicely matched set up,
We try to get away as much as possible mostly mid week as we both work in the car trade and our busy times are at weekends, Heidi is a Business Manager doing the finance warranties etc and I just sell the cars test drives etc, but at the drop of a Hat we will be off in our Van to get some quality time away together, we have found that you don't have to travel far to have a great time and there are some great sites in Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire..
we also have a car related hobby I collect Morris Marinas and Heidi has a MGF and we try to get to a few shows during the summer, we're off to one this weekend and will be taking a week off work after to recharge our batteries
Here's a few photos of our set up..




oh and if anyone needs a new used car call me ;) always ready to deal lol

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Jun 20, 2005
Hi Eammon
Welcome to the forum. Hope to hear more from you.
My dad had a new Morris Marina 1.7 HL in 1979. The colour---- Vermillion and black vinyl roof. It had the O series engine, BLMC attempt at an OHC.
Jul 15, 2008
Hi and welcome to the forum :)

I always think of Norfolk as sunny ever since we had a camping holiday near Hunstanton in the mid 1980's.
Spent a week there in glorious sunshine when everywhere else in the country had a week of rain.
I remember not being able to convince friends and neighbours that we had had a great time in glorious weather.
Apr 9, 2006
Yew know, my bewties, Norfolk orfen git good weather, speshly Cromer, wass orfen tha hottest plerce. But, blast bor, yew wanta be on the coast when that there east wind is a blowin - thass called a lazy wind, that don't go round yer, it go threw yer, ans enuff ter knock the fillins outaya teeth!

Jist a bita ol squit! Welcome to the forum :)
Nov 12, 2013
Hi Eamonn, welcome to the Practical Caravan forum. Thanks for coming out from the shadows and for sharing those super photos!
Jun 7, 2011
Enjoy the outfit and the tours. But Cambs is bit too wet today. Was going to try the van, but rain getting in way of loading.


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