Inapproporate thread

Mar 16, 2005
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I'm afraid I've had to cut the threads on 4x4 from the General forum.

1. A thread about 4x4s should be in the Towcars forum, not the General caravanning issues forum.

2. The tone and language of some posts was totally inappropriate for a general caravanning website like PCV.

3. The thread kept degenerating into a verbal sparring match between a very few users.

Dec 16, 2003
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Sorry Mod, but could you not have moved the thread to Chit Chat.

Most of us here are Caravanners, we are in a way a minority group, a kind of ethnic minority that often suffers flack from other non vanning members of our society.

You are bound to get open debate as our lives are effected by so many factors that relate to politics and Government actions.

It is a sad fact that our politicians stifle open debate and use "Political Correctness" to to belittle peoples concerns and observations about what ishappening in our society.

So Mr Mod, how about moving, not removing!
Mar 14, 2005
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Sadly it had degenerated into a rather silly tit for tat exchange and the level of knowledge of those that wanted to provoke rather than debate seemed somewhat limited.

However - some important points were raised.

Can I suggest that those that had a made a contribution to what is an important subject (albeit on a caravanning forum!) and felt they could do more, they seek out there local debating society - It is far more stimulating than most would think and far better than the telly!