Is it just me?

Mar 27, 2005
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I think this subject has been covered before but after the week I have had it got me thinking.

Customer service-or lack there-of.

On Monday I collected one of our cars from a body shop where it had had some accident damage attended to. To cut a long story short its going back next week to have,literally,the whole job done again.

This weekend I fitted a water pump, that had been overhauled, to my classic car-it leaked-so it has to come of again and be returned to the company that rebuilt it.

I stayed in one day because a kitchen company had made an appointment to come and measure up, after two hours I rang the guy 'oh something cropped up and I forgot Ill have to come some other time' needless to say he isn't

Also this week we were paid out after a lengthy court case concerning sub-standard workmanship over some double glazing we had fitted by a nationally recognised company.

I wonder if it is just me that has to high expectations.

For those of you who don't know I run a part time business doing firework displays, I only get one chance to do the job right, I cannot ask people to 'pop back next week' so I can have another go-I just don't get paid-full stop. In my previous job I was a motor sport mechanic for a factory team-again we didn't get second chances it had to right.

Just wondered what other peoples thoughts are on this.

Do you think my expectations are to high?
Mar 14, 2005
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Martyn you are 100% correct. It is also surprising the number of companies/people who ask for money up front before entertaining doing any work. I am indirectly involved in a case at the moment where a family paid out innocently prior to having work done and have not seen any body or their money since. I have since heard that a few different people in the Cardiff area have been caught by this guy. They have now got together and taken legal advice as to the next step.


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