Jazzing up a motorhome cab

May 22, 2016
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Not sure if this should be here or Tech, Mods please move if necessary.

Bought a 15 Fiat Ducato Swift Lifestyle earlier this year and really enjoy it. Now thinking of blinging it up a bit to make it a look special and I'd like some "real wood" type surrounds on the very very black plastic dash. The sort of things you get on upmarket and luxury cars. I realise they're not real wood just wrapped to look like wood but I think that could really improve the cab.

Anyone know a company that does this or got any ideas/suggestions?

Nov 19, 2010
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A few years ago, I got a set for our Transit that look really good, but I don't think the firm are still in business now.
There are a few companies that do this, including some that claim to use real wood. Try a Bing or Google search for "wood dashboard"
May 1, 2015
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Have you tried the car customising boys ? I was in the US a few years ago and happened on an 'auto extravaganza' I remember there were quite a few companies that 'wrapped' not only full vehicles, but also interior panels in vinyl that looked silver, chrome, coloured, veneered in fact, almost anything you can imagine.
I assume there are companies here in the UK that do it. Or try getting the stuff yourself (eBay ?) and borrowing your wife hairdryer.


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