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Jockey Wheel clearence

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Jun 27, 2021
Looks high now...
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An Approved Used 2017 XC60 in Osmium Grey with the same Ixion Alloys (images flipped - Couldn't tell if your car was Osmium or Savile Grey.)

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Looks about an Inch higher now to my untrained eye compared to my XC60 SE on 17"s and maybe more compared to the identical car.

If the ride height has gone up 3" then someone must have lowered the suspension way more than any factory set up.
Mine is Osmium Grey.
Aug 11, 2005
Back from a trip to the West Country all went well, full loaded and no grounding at all, much stiffer ride.
Just read through this thread, as someone said my guess is something wasn't quite right with the original suspension set-up.

My last outfit was the same as yours; 2016 XC60 D4 R-Design 2WD, 20" alloys and factory fitted towbar, towing a Coachman VIP 575! 2008 model though. In 4 years I never had any issues whatsoever with the JW grounding at any point, on or 'off' road.

Glad you've sorted yours out!
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