Kia Ceed SW CRDi LS as a tow car ..... Help!!!!!

Nov 23, 2010
I am really confused!!! We currently have a renault espace 2.2 which we have used to pull a 1998 Abbey County Stafford, which I believe is 1100 weight.

We want to down size our tow car as the espace has been too big and very thirsty.

We are currently looking at Kia ceed sw for the warranty and also the fact they are more economical. According to the book details it should pull up to 1400 braked. However I have rung the caravan club and they have said it is up to the limits for power.

Has anyone experience of using a Kia Ceed sw 1.6 crdi ls model who could advise us if they are a good tow car. It is a 2007 reg we have seen.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Nov 26, 2007
we have a hyundai i30 , same mechanics, well almost.
we pull a bailey 460 1200kg gross with no probs. even able to use 6th gear..good gear ratios for towing.
You may wish to consider the hyundai as it is cheaper than the kia but only a 5yr waranty however it has traction controll as standard, which when we bought it 12 months ago, the kia did not.
If you do buy the kia make sure you get the 115bhp en-gine, as they do a low power eco job good for towing.
We have the estate..ex bit of kit all round, no complaints in 15 months, more than can be said for the overpriced german ball game we had previously
rgds tony b
Mar 14, 2005
Hello Catherine,
Its quite a big change from an Espace to Ceed, but I am sure you have your reasons.The Ceed has several variations and the information I have about the 2007 1.6 CRD SW suggests it only has a braked 1400Kg towing capacity. Again the only information I can find suggests he engine is only 113BHP in the sw model, and it’s nominal un-laden weight is 1419Kg
Based on your Stafford with a MTPLM of 1100, the proposed outfit represents a towing ratio of 77% with 44.9 BHP per Tonne. This could be what the CC referred to.
This is possible, but of course good towing is not just about weight ratio’s, loading is just as important, as are good driving habits.


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