laguna dci estate 2004

Oct 20, 2005
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I bought a 1.9dCI Laguna Tourer last year and had lots of problems ascertaining towing weights etc. The handbook only quotes for caravan with driver if I recall. At the time it looked like we were going to sell the caravan so I opted to buy the car regardless. It was the one I liked best after all.

We kept the old caravan through the summer and the car tows like a dream. Caravan was a '93 Lunar Clubman 520/4, single axle, 17 foot, MTPLM 1350kg. The car always had 2 adults and 2 teenagers with 4 bikes on the roof. I previously towed with a Legacy 2.5 4 Cam but gave up on that when the fuel kitty dried up. The diesel engine is smoother and a lot torquier. Fuel consumption is obviously worlds apart returning 31-32mpg easily.

We traded up in August and now tow a Sterling Europa 490, 17.7 foot and MTPLM 1404kg. I reckon the new van tows even better.

Note that I use a plug-in diesel tuning box which boosts the power by some 20-25%. I would highly recommend this device. It makes the car swifter and smoother as well as giving even more mpg. My insurance went up by about
Jun 20, 2005
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I had a Laguna sport tourer initiale 2.2 dci. It was new in april 2002 and went back to our fleet company July this year.

This was one of the most powerful diesals I have ever driven. We tow a Bailey Pageant Vendee MTPLM of 1397 kgs. The Laguna handled the whole package extremely well and I never felt underpowered. Large lorries / coaches overtaking me on motorways gave a bit of a suction effect but the outfit never faltered. The hills across Cornwall to St Ives etc are notoriously steep. She pulled up the hills with ease although I do admit to using 32rd and 4th on some them, we maintained a good safe speed. Fuel sol averaged 39mpg. Towing in Cornwall terrain dropped to 28mpg. very quiet and relaxed. Why didn't I keep it? Was worried about long term Renault relaibility and expensive parts repairs. It went at 72k miles and I never had aproblem.


Mar 14, 2005
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Towed with a Laguna for 3 years now and have suffered with some of the issues mentioned above. Towing weights issue is a joke. Capability alledgedly drops by around 400kg as soon as you put more than one person in it ! Reliablity has been a nightmare, especially in the last year. Blown turbo's, broken electric windows, detaching brake callipers - you name it, I've had it. Thank god it is a company car. To add insult to injury, dealers give very poor service. On the plus side the engine (when it does operate!) is very flexible and pulls with ease. On motorway/autoroute can even get into 6th gear when towing.

However, I've just traded in the Wife's car for a 150bhp Vectra SRi and intend towing with that from now on. First impressions are that in all aspects it leaves the Laguna looking like a poor relation.


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