Legalised scam (possibly)

Jun 16, 2020
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We just got back from Tuscany. Great holiday. While in Florence I purchased a leather jacket for Marj. Managed to negotiate some discount and we did the paperwork for a €48 tax refund.

Not cheap, but we are happy with the jacket. They even professionally shortened the sleeves in less than 1 hour.

I had to research how to get my €48 back and thought I had it sussed. At Pisa airport I eventually found the correct customs office. It needed an intercom and electronic door locks. It took 5 mins, but my claim was approved without even looking at the jacket. I then needed to go somewhere else for the money, so another search. It turned out to be a money changing station. The girl there seemed to ask if I wanted euros or sterling, I said any, whichever is best. She did sterling telling me then there was no choice. She then discussed my holiday with me and suggested we go to Naples, where she was from. Then came the money. £25.

I complained and it seems that the difference was due to a poor exchange rate plus fees. I ended up with just under half of the promised amount. The rest going to the Italian government.

She insisted I took a map of Naples with me! Not a lot of use when flying to Bristol.



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