Loss of power and first time in the caravan!

Oct 27, 2022
Can anyone offer advice please? Been away for a couple of nights in our caravan. About to do the washing up and the water supply ran out. Pump kept going despite tap being turned off, so switched off mains. Now we have no power to power control system. Lights and fridge don’t work. TV has power as does microwave. All fuses seem ok And there are lights on the power supply unit. Leisure battery seems to have no power either. Can anyone help please?
swift challenger sport 586
Jan 19, 2002
So from your description you have mains but no 12v. Can you find the main inline fuse between the battery and the distribution panel? Might be in the bed locker or the battery locker in the +ve lead.
Do you have micro switches or pressure operated water system? If you have the latter it might be the pressure switch needs adjustment - if you google ‘adjusting whale pressure system’ there is a handy page of instructions. Usually the control panel by the door enables the pump to be switched off separately in case of future need.
Oct 8, 2006
I don't think its as deep as that. If the water has run out the pump will keep running because it is controlled by a pressure switch - no water = no pressure - ergo pump keeps running. The pump will have a separate switch - as the OP doesn't say make, model and year of caravan any further advice would be a guess.
Refill the water (barrel) and try again. If the pump is external and submerged, disconnect the inlet pipe from the van and then lower the pump into the barrel so that as it fills with water it will push out air. Then reconnect the pipe to the van and switch on power to the pump. It should run for a short time whilst it refills the system until the pressure switch operates and it stops. Open any tap and the pump should start, and stop a second or two after the tap is closed.
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Jan 20, 2023
The OP has said Swift Challenger 586 and no 12 volts (fridge, lights etc) so it’s more than the pump supply. In the best I.T department voice “switch everything off and on again “ as a first step by powering down the PSU via the black button then after a minute switch it back on again just in case. Following that the fuses (including main inline battery fuse) need checking.
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Oct 27, 2022
Hi all, thank you for your suggestions. We tried most of the above but with no joy. Then a couple of hours later and after restarting the PSU (for about the 10th time) everything came back on. We still have no hot water so guessing it’s an issue there, so will need to get it looked at once we’re home.
But thank you so much for taking the time to comment. Very much appreciated!
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Mar 14, 2005
Thank you for letting us know. It seems you do have a anintermittent problem which makes it very difficult to diagnose.

Do you have a 12V battery fitted?
Nov 16, 2015
I know it may be a bit late now , but check the battery terminal connectors, a simple thing, but they may not be tight.
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Jun 20, 2005
No hot water? That’s achieved either by gas or 230 v NOT 12v .
so the 12v water pump is now working?
I’m beginning to think the230 v hot water tank heater has failed. Switch it off . Reset all breakers, check fuses and the trip on the EHU. Run the water heater on gas.NB you must remove the external cowl cover .
Failing that I agree with the others get a AWS engineer to check it for you.
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