Max awning size for caravan

Apr 25, 2021
We're looking at getting a new air awning for our Sterling Eccles Sport 442 (2012 model). I'm still a bit of a novice caravaner so need a bit of advice. We previously had a fibre glass frame awning which was the full length of the van and filled up the awning rail from one side to the other.

Our caravan has a top 'straight edge' measuring just over 3 metres. When looking at air awnings do I need to be looking at ones that will only fit along the top edge? e.g. air awning 280 or air awning 260 (as I figured these numbers are 280cm and 260cm for example)

A bit confused on the dimensions when choosing new, thanks in advance :)
Mar 14, 2005
You can have a full air awning, which looks similar to traditional poled awning, for example look at Dorema website, most air awnings are like porches and the size is the length of straight awning rail at the top, if you opt for the latter, you may want to also check where the sides of the awning will be taking into account windows and lockers
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May 7, 2012
There are some full air awnings available if you prefer that but a large porch awning has the advantage that it will normally fit the next caravan if you change and a full awning may not. Do check the window positions on your caravan to make sure the awning is not going to fit over one. In most cases the awning will still work, but it is inconvenient.
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