More changes in Spain

Mar 14, 2005
From March 7th the speed limit on 4-lane roads in Spain including all autovias has been reduced from 120 kph to 110kph In a gesture designed to save fuel. Since the majority of fuel is used by HGVs which are restricted below this limit anyway the overall effect is likely to be small, but there may be an increase in bunching.

Guarda Civil seemed to have turned their attention to Stop signs lately. Recommended that you stop and count to 10 before moving on even if the road is empty as non-compliance is likely to cost 100 euro. Note that not every Stop situation has both a lollipop sign and markings on the road - some have only the latter, so be observant.
Dec 14, 2006
People not stopping at 'Stop signs' have also come to the attention of the French police, too. In the last four or five years we've seen a real increase in patrols at junctions with a Stop sign, and several British caravanners have reported being stopped. We've also noticed increasing amounts of cars flashing a warning when you're approaching a Stop junction with a patrol hiding nearby! We do a lot of cross-country travelling - so we perhaps see more than our fair-share of junctions with Stop signs (there aren't many on the autoroutes!).