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Mar 14, 2005
I thought that those who caravan abroad might like to read this item I saw in the Daily Telegraph last Saturday. I've checked the detail on the Department of Health web site (see the address below) and the details of the item seem correct.

" British residents will continue to be entitled to free, or reduced cost, state healthcare when visiting any EU country. However, a new E111 form was introduced this summer that is valid until the end of 2005.

If you have an old E111, you will need to replace it by December 31 to ensure you are covered. The new form is available free from your local Post Office and it is issued on an individual, as opposed to a family, basis.

The new E111 form is valid for only one year because it will be replaced by a European health insurance card in 2006. It is possible to apply for this new card by simply ticking the box on the new E111 application form. The card will be sent to you when it is introduced in Britain some time next year. For further details, ask at Post offices or see "

With thanks to the Daily Telegraph for this item.
Dec 16, 2003
Well done , purple, I came into the forum to post a bit about this! Keep reading the most informative paper!!!



Mar 14, 2005
You still need to take out insurance, as you may need cover for many other things.

Try CC or CCC.
Mar 14, 2005
Have just renewed ours. Fill in the form in the booklet and the Post Office will issue you - there and then - with a separate form for each person listed on the original form. Good idea to take a few photocopies, and also to have ticked the box to get the card sometime during the year which should save having to do all this again


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