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Aug 23, 2014
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Does any one have some advice. I changed my leisure battery on my 2001 Swift Gazelle Motorhome. To my horror it was on the wrong way around. It appeared to blow my 15 amp fuse in the glove box component. The fuses foe the units fridge heater etc are all ok. my CB did not trip and also my fuse lines on my leisure batteries did no blow.

my Hook up that is connected to my home has stoped working. No electric at all. All leisure and Cab battery working fine lights water pump etc.

has any one experienced this problemn with the sme van lay out I want to check as much as I can to my level. Before having to call out a electrician. The electric to my van input socket is working.



Jul 28, 2011
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I'm afraid I'm a bit confused as to what is working and what isn't and I don't know the van in question.
If I read it correctly then all the on board circuits (both 12v and mains) are working OK and the problem seems to be in the EHU connection.
However "my Hook up that is connected to my home has stoped
working" seems to conflict with "The electric to my van input socket is
working.". If the EHU cable is OK but the battery isn't being charged then I would suspect either the charger has blown or a fuse connected to it has gone. I would look for the latter.
Nov 19, 2010
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Hi Rob, and welcome
I'm not quite sure what you mean either. If I understand right, your mains hook-up is plugged in to your domestic power supply. That should be fine.
Did you mean the OLD battery was wrong way round, or that you'd inadvertently connected the NEW one wrongly?
Does your 12v habitation stuff (lounge lights, water pump etc) work now (a) when you're connected to the mains, (b) when you're NOT connected?
Does your mains equipment (eg the fridge on mains) work when you're plugged in?
If you can clarify those things, those of us who aren't familiar with your particular van might be able to advise you.
Meanwhile, as a genuine motorhomer, I've upgraded you so you don't have to copy the "captcha" squiggles next time.


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