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Jan 12, 2007
Hi, been logging into this from time to time Forum for a while so thought I would take the plunge and join!

My wife and I have been caravaning for 5 years - started when we were 31/32 as we got fed up hiring cottages etc only to find the quality did not match the cost.

Started off with a dealer special edition based on the Elddis Avante which gave us the option of using the end dinette as either a fixed bed or secondary seating area.

Tend to use the caravan for weekends and the odd week and have enjoyed both adult only and family sites during the past 5 years and have found this website useful for selecting locations and in providing advice on general and technical issues.

I particularly found the recent debate on 4x4's very interesting and having carefully considered the arguments on both sides traded in my C-Class estate for a Jeep Grand Cherokee.

With the increased towing capacity and the birth of our daughter last January (no more trips to The Ashes near Kendal!!) I have also decided to upgrade the caravan to an Elddis Crusader Superstorm and take delivery in March - just in time for the new season. Which brings me to main reason for taking the plunge and joining the site - i.e. to draw on the experiences of other twin-axel owners for advice on the advantages and disadvantages of owning a twin-axle.

Not so much worried about the towing and reversing but more the levelling. I have seen hydraulic systems advertised on the Towsure website, which are placed under the wheel which is then raised to the desired and level, and whilst it states these can be used on twin-axels I have never seen one being used on any site and would appreciate any feedback.

Similarly if anyone has any comments on the Crusader these would be welcome.

Looking forward to the new season!!!
May 12, 2006
Welcome SPG,

It may be better to post your question under a heading like Technical to ask the question on twin axels, and the Crusader question under equipment and accessories..

The Crusader is a very good looking van, but I don't know about Quality and layout etc. I'm sure someone will come along soon and let you know.

Once again Welcome Val & Frank
Mar 14, 2005
Welcome SPG, hope you enjoy your new Twin axle. Leveling can be as complicated or as simple as you want to make it. You can buy levelers as you probably know, but it is just as easy (and cheaper) to make them yourself. I used a few planks of wood, painted and cut with a slope at each end, long enough to put under both wheels. A set for each side proved enough for all situations. If you venture onto a badly sloping field you may find a few other problems. Front to rear leveling can be tricky. You may find that you run out of jokey wheel adjustment or that the rear of the caravan is sitting on the ground (see the many balancing acts at Stowford this year) when on an incline. Take plenty of blocks of wood with you. The biggest help is to avoid sloping pitches in the first place, inquire before you book, they may be able to put you on one that isn't so bad.
Jan 12, 2007
Thanks for response.

Will do as you suggest Frank and post under the relevant Forum Topics.

LOL your suggestion on the planks is interesting as having looked at off the shelf plastic levellers none looked long enough to me, hence my interest in the hydraulic versions.

Jul 5, 2006

I have replied to your other posting,bust firstly let me congratulate you on your choice , the Superstorm is an awsome van and in my opinion there is nothing available to compare with it. I bought mine in August and immediatly took it to France for a fortnight the Superstorm far exceeded my expectations and the layout is so flexible.

We have two children and wanted a 6 berth van so they can bring friends with them. we also wanted seperate end bedrooms for privacy and we wanted a proper shower cubicle not a clinging curtain and wet loo roll. The Elldis ticked all of the boxes and the styling is knock out.

Be prepared for people to stop and stare at your van as they do tend to draw admiring glances. The black glass helps keep your privacy as well as keeping the van cooler.

The interior is also stylish with a grown up modern look about it.

For towing I find the van brilliant when it is loaded but upset a little by lorries when empty ( but who tows an empty van). I use a LWB 3.2 did Shogun to tow the van and find the ombination great. The Shogun combines power and economy along with the flexibility of seven seats to carry the kids friends.

I'm sure you will find yourself as happy as I am with the Superstorm.

Happy caravanning



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