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NHS Continuing Care

Nov 11, 2009
The NHS are required to pay the care costs of people in care homes or receiving in house care, if those people have specific medical needs as opposed to social care needs. My father took ill in June 2018 and spent 12 months in a care home paying his own costs. I challenged this and submitted my claim for the NHS to pay. I received some financial reimbursement but decided to appeal the findings.

It’s a long tortuous process and last week I had a two hour Microsoft Teams meeting with the NHS Commissioning Appeals panel. The meeting seemed to go well and saved me the hassle of travelling to Stoke on Trent plus an overnight stay, and costs for my solicitor. Somewhat grateful for Covid.

The purpose of my post is that should you find yourself dealing with a relatives care needs be sure to take comprehensive notes throughout their residency. Care home records can leave something to be desired and CQC inspections don’t add to the information sources. Get any friends or relatives who visit the resident to give you feedback for your records. Don’t be afraid to give the care home your views, suggestions or concerns at the time they arise and if necessary check to see they are input to the residents record.

Unless the residents care needs are clearly identifiable as medical which many are not black and white it’s the GP records, Care Home records and your records that form the basis of your claim.

It makes getting success for CRA 2015 look so easy by comparison.
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