Northern France

Jan 25, 2006
We're travelling to France for the first time and would appreciate information about sites in Northern France - probably in Nord, Picardie or Haute Normandie. Just my wife and I, so looking for something relatively quiet but close enought to civilisation for restaurants etc. Plan to do a stopover in the Dunkerque/Calais area before travelling further afield. Can anyone help.

Mar 14, 2005
We usually head a bit further south, to be sure of better weather, but for your stopover, you could do worse than the Chateau de Gandspette, at Eperlecques, just north of St Omer. The site has good facilities, including a decent restaurant (not great, but good enough!) and is within easy reach of St Omer for shopping or the motorway once you feel ready to move on. If you are going out of high season, I suggest you check weather reports for the areas you are considering and take it from there. In high season, flexibility may be reduced, but on the other hand the weather should be better wherever you choose!


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