Octavia TDI or Mazda 6 TD - opinions

Aug 9, 2005
We have an Abbey Freestyle 520 (1375kg MTPLM) and are looking for a suitable single car solution to replace our elderly 1995 Audi A6 Avant 2.0 petrol (tug) and Peugeot 306HDI estate (everyday use). It has to be an estate for the dogs and we've finally narrowed it down to a Mazda 6 (136hp) or Octavia Elegance (140hp), both manuals. Would love a new Mondeo estate but can't quite stretch the pennies that far yet. Does anyone on the forum have experience of what mpg I can expect towing and solo (2 human occupants + 2 small dogs) and general observations of using these cars. Its difficult to get a proper feel during a test drive, especially as no demonstrator I've seen has a tow bar on it for me to have a proper 'real-life' test. Thanks.
Oct 8, 2006
I would definitely go for the Octavia.

With VAG backing, you can't go wrong... plus the 2.0TDI is a cracking engine.


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