Part Exchange Nightmare? Any views on this?

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Apr 13, 2021
Has anyone else had their P/X offer substantially reduced, because of barely visible stain? This behaviour from the salesman seems totally unreasonable.

I’m having a problem with my P/X Van. It’s in its 10th year. Salesman says I must have a new mattress as there is a stain. i could not see it in some lighting conditions. The stain might be a wear mark, not sure. The salesman described the stain as “an obvious stain”. I agreed to a £600 is price reduction. Foolishly I thought an obvious stain would be clearly visible in all lighting conditions, and so would put off buyers, and reduce PX value. I signed the contract, not considering that there would be any disagreement about an obvious stain.. When I came to take out items from the caravan I didn’t see the stain, got the salesman out, he started closing blinds, getting his camera out. He couldn’t find it saying, “I will be back when all bedclothes removed.” he didn’t come back, we were there for half an hour packing up.

The order form says ”no refunds of deposit”. Can I be contractually bound?

I invited A couple picking up a van to look inside ours. Can you see anything wrong I asked? They didn’t see the stain till I mentioned it ”but it’s not a lot”, she said.

I am progressing this with more senior management.

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Mar 14, 2005
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