Peak Norfolk Line Fare was cheaper with the Caravan Club

Aug 31, 2008

I've been waiting to hear about the latest Norfolk Line offers at the Caravan Show. Last year I cancelled my earlier booking with the Caravan Club to take advantage of the Caravan Show offer. We are both teachers and have to travel in the peak summer holiday seasson.

Last year the Caravan Show offer, booked through the Caravan Club, came out at £78.00 return for our car/'van outfit which is just under 12 metres. It was cheap enough to be worthwhile to pay the CC's £10 cancellation charge to cancel our earlier £128.00 booking and rebook under the terms of the "2009 show" offer, ie, we still saved £40.00. That was for a Peak July/August return.

However, when I tried this year's show offer with Norfolk Line (Code TEF05) I found that the 58.00 fare is only for off-peak sailings. The return price rises to £84 after 22 July. In fact there are other charges added to the Norfolk Line "Show offer", booked direct with NL, as follows:

Ferry price £ 75.00

Fuel surcharges £ 9.00

Credit card charge £ 4.00 (varies with card type)

Total £ 88.00

I have therefore, today, taken advantage of the Norfolk Line special offer via the Caravan Club. This is for any outward sailing on a Sunday and any return sailing on a Friday at BOTH PEAK and OFF-PEAK times for £74.00 return. This is for EVERYTHING, ie, no credit card charge or fuel surcharge. It, also, includes free upgrade to the lst class lounge for up to 4 people. The first class upgrade costs £9.60 per person for a special offer upgrade price booked on the TEF05 offer direct with Norfolk Line

By booking with the Caravan Club offer I have saved £14.00 and got free first class upgrages. These upgrades are worth for the 2 of us £19.20 but up to £38.40 for a group of 4 travelling together.

I, also, paid £30, return, to take our collie Max but that was the same price either through the CC or NL direct. A bit steep really as when we last took him in 2008 all the the NL staff did was on the return leg they gave his pet passport a cursory glance and handed US the chip reader to check his chip!!

The CC offer is obviously limited to members and to Sunday out and Friday return, however it is for any sailing on those days. However, it did save us £14.00, plus the free first class upgrades, compared to the show offer.

In conclusion if you are CC members and able to travel on Sunday out/Friday home this CC/NL offer is the cheaper way to travel with Norfolk Lines at Peak times. If you are able to travel off peak the TEF05 offer is cheaper and more flexible but remember it is £58.00 PLUS

Debit/Credit charge and fuel surcharges totalling up to an extra £13.00 and an extra £9.60, per person, if you want the first class upgrades!!

Anyway I'm a "happy bunny" and looking forward to my crossing on NL AT A BARGAIN PRICE - I can almost smell the bacon on my "Full English Breakfast"

I hope my "research" helps others too.


Aug 31, 2008
Hi John

I'm glad you got your cheap fare for September. I'm not sure that I've got the free first class upgrade either. It was just that was advertised on the flyer that offered the cheap Sunday/Friday fare through the Caravan Club and I assume it was still part of the deal! Like you I'm not really bothered either way and certainly would pay extra for it!! We love sitting right in the huge windows in the self-service restaurant at the front of the boat.

Anyway I'm glad to have got the ferry booked at a reasonable price. It's always a bit of a gamble to know the best time to book. Last year I booked on the offer at the first Caravan Show and then had to pay the CC's
Mar 14, 2005
Tim, we've got the same deal for May, but no upgrade, Ike you we enjoy the breakfast, too.

Last year, we went on nthe 4.00am sailing for


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