Plastic Window Strip

Sep 27, 2021
I have 2019 Swift 590 , above the front windows at the front is a black plastic strip that runs the width of the caravan , I assume it is cosmetic.When driving at certain speeds it vibrates or chatters making an annoying noise.
Does everybody's Swift caravan fitted with this suffer from the same problem?
Is there any way of curing the vibration ?
Jan 19, 2002
I am presuming it is an insert to the aluminium extrusion and therefore a 'Herzim' strip like these:
Motorhome & Caravan Rail PVC Infill Finishing Trim Strip (12mm Herzim Molding) | eBay
You don't give us any van details, but the strip starts off being flexible but can deteriorate or become brittle with time. Just check the width of the strip fitted to your van and buy generous for the length required. It is easier to replace if the strip has been heated in a bucket of hot water first, then insert one edge and use a small spatula to insert the other edge along the strip. It is easy to overstretch while fitting so allow to cool and settle before trimming the ends.
I have not come across the problem you describe but have replaced lengths on my van that had become brittle and sticky on the surface over time.


May 23, 2021
Do you mean the full width black perspex valance over the window tops?
Our 2016 Challenger has a slightly different valance to yours, and I know there are several slightly different versions of them. I think the problem is common to them all if the wind is hard enough and in the right direction.
Ours kept us awake one night on our maiden voyage with the caravan when new. We were pitched on the water edge at Connel, CAMC site and the wind blew a hoolee. The plastic valance thingy was vibrating like mad, and I stopped it at about 3.30 am by stuffing my socks in it. Soon after that, the Omnistore roof vent started banging up and down, and I was extremely dis-chuffed. A couple of weeks later at home I dismantled the valance and re-assembled it properly (wouldn't trust the dealer to do it because they wanted to squirt sealant into it)


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