Power on or off while in transit

Dec 31, 2011
I have a new swift sundance 630l. I wanted to know if it is best to turn the cabin power off while driving or whether it is fine to keep it on as i want to charge the fridge while travelling. I also wondered if anyone knew if it was easy to disable the passenger seat airbag so i can put a child seat in the front. Does anyone else have problems changing the gas bottles? The design of the gas locker means it is difficult to get purchase on the bottles and the securing straps are very cumbersome.


Jul 28, 2011
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The leisure battery was automatically turned off when the engine was running in our previous van. It isn't in our current van but I still turn it off as we don't need it with no rear passengers.
The 12v supply for the fridge should come from the starter battery, not the leisure battery, and only operate when the engine is running. It is meant to keep the fridge cool not to cool it initially (usual recommendation is to cool it before each trip).
I would check with the vehicle manufacturer before disabling an airbag. I read recently that a wrongly disabled airbag is going to be an MoT failure.
Changing gas bottles in our previous van was a pain but this one is much easier - though we've now had an Alugas cylinder fitted so don't have to change the bottles.


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