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Oct 5, 2022
I bought a full Protec cover for storage for my new Buccaneer caravan (as well as a tow cover). My comments on both are detailed below:

No I don't have any codes

I sent the top of the range neoprene cover back and got the made to measure fabric one. The neoprene cover was just too bulky to store and to fit and was a nightmare to dry when it was wet. Happy with the fabric one.

As for as the full storage cover is concerened, think carefully where it is stored. The tie down straps do not hold the cover taut. After I pulled mine out for the first time after 3 months of Autumn storms most of my windows had been damaged - it looked as if they had been polished with a coase cutting compound. Fortunately a guy from Caravan Guard (the van has been protected with Caravan Guard on the panels - but not applied to the windows) came and polished the damage out, but took him ages - Cannot speak highly enough about Caravan Guard - product and support.

As for the covers, delighted with my fabric tow cover.

if the caravan is going to be subject to much wind in storage, think carefully about a winter cover, but I must say I cannot praise Pro Tech highly enough for their customer support - they were commited to resolving all the issues I raised.
Mar 3, 2022
Thanks for your informative reply Kingfisher
Its just the bespoke tow jacket I require I also have insurance with Caravan Guard so pleased with your comments regarding them
Thank you



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