Re: Volvo V40 TD 52 plate Tow bar electrics

Sep 28, 2005
Thanks Pete and Monkeys husband, unfortunately the plug is there but it is only 4 pin; live, stop, lights and black ( earth I presume), also no sign of a relay !! any thoughts?.

On a different note, I am going to wire up a 'S' type plug on my Passat Estate. It is a 51 plate 130 sport. I have bought a Smart relay from Towsure, as it doesn't need to be wired to the alternator. I believe I need to wire it to the fuse box for the permenant live. My question is where on the fuse box do I connect it? I have found the fuse box now, and I think I can feed the cable as far as the rear seat without too much bother, but I am not sure how to get it from there to the rear os compartment, where I intend fitting the relay. Any advice would be very welcome


without causing offence I would suggest you go to a Witter agent and get them to do the wiring. I also tried a Towsure relay kit and have to admit, failed miserably. I was also advised by the Witter people who did the final (great) job that the wire supplied by Towsure was borderline for carrying the load from the fusebox/battery. They normally specify a thicker wire, but as I had already done all the dirty work feeding it through agreed to use it, provided I accepted the fact. It all does work well, but I have to admit Witter's wiring is far superior to anything I could do. This is not an advert for them, just a case of good experience.
Aug 28, 2005
Hello again Roger,

I'm afraid I'm with David on this one, Our tow bar fitter is completely independent and a really nice guy to boot. Hence we buy or go on his recommendation which bar to fit. We fitted on our Sharan a bar by PCT (I'd never heard of them before) but seeing it's installation it's lot neater than some I've seen on similar cars.

Moreover and my main point - he insisted on a Hella relay and this pointed out much of the issues raised by David. Incidentally the fitter we used only cost us about 50 to do the Job plus parts.

Regards Monkey Husband
May 25, 2005

Can you tell me where you had your electrics fitted? Volvo usually fit a '7' pin plug which is supplied with a 'converter extension'!
Jun 24, 2005
In my experience, Volvo will fit whatever socket you want (13 or 7). If they fit the 13 then they supply a "splitter" lead so you can plug into the two "7's" on the caravan.

If you've got reversing sensors, make sure they show you where the switch is to turn them off!


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