Refitting old bathroom - questions

Jun 27, 2005
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Hi all,

I bought an old Elddis Whirlwind Clubman when I was in france last month. It is my first van, I have been thinking about getting a van for a while, and this one came up at the right price, and in good order.

Doing 700 miles back from France is an interesting introduction to towing!

All seems well, apart from some minor electrical problems, which have since been fixed (drilling the rivets out of the charger to replace an auto-reset fuse was fun), and a filthy water system. Oh, and the fridge is a bit dodgy!

One thing that is bothering me is the bathroom. The old pink vanity unit with the fold-down sink is falling away from the wall, and the shower tray is cracked around the plug.

I could re-attach the vanity unit back to the wall with larger screws, and reseal/replace the tray, but I am now considering stripping out the old bathroom, and fitting:

- Corner sink (maybe with a cupboard underneath) directly opposite the door.

- New shower tray.

- Cassette toilet under the rear window (Thetford C2 seems favourite).

And finally (this is what I am unsure about) finding some waterproof plastic panelling (similar material to the sink unit) and covering the walls, and finishing off all with silicone sealant.

The idea is to make a room that dosen't really need a shower curtain (apart from across the door, as it isn't sealer), as the curtain really cramps the space in there.

I am after opinions on this, if possible. I was also wondering if it is OK for the cassette toilet to be in that wet environment (lid down, of course!).


Aug 2, 2006
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Hi Darren, There are many companies that can supply flat plastic sheeting, sign makers have a light weight material clled foamex,most plastic window makers have access to plastic sheeting which would serve your purpose, just a matter of ringing round with your requirments. George


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