Remotely monitoring against motorhome damp

Jul 20, 2018
I'm new to motorhoming (is this even used as a verb?) and have already suffered the consequences of leaks and condensation causing damp :-(

I was wondering if a (portable/not permanently installed) remote readable temperature/humidity/motion sensor product is being used by anyone? When I'm in the motorhome I can see what's going on, but when it's not in use I’d love an easy way to see what conditions inside are like to guard against developing problems (like new leaks appearing!)

I know I could install a wifi-type thermostat, but this is a 'project' and quite expensive. Besides wifi-thermostats also require mains hook-up, which I've already found isn't always available. I want something simple that works by plugging into the mains/a cigarette socket, uses a Pay As You Go SIM, and allows me to monitor conditions through an app of some kind.

Are we the only ones to suffer from this and does anyone have any pointers? Otherwise I'm thinking of getting my husband to pull together a solution when he next has time on his hands!

Many thanks
Nov 19, 2010
Welcome, and thanks for the challenge! I've never seen an app like that, but it wouldn't surprise me if someone had created one.



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