Oct 1, 2017
Hello everyone,
It's probably been on here before, but can anyone tell me the best time to visit Scotland.
I will be touring around Aberdeen and Inverness, so all your help as to best time of year and what sites in those areas.
Stay safe everyone
May 7, 2012
Aberdeen should not be a problem it has a fairly mild microclimate and midges are not a problem. Assuming you want to avoid any possibility of snow I would say May to September for Inverness but you are well into the North of the country so the weather is never guaranteed. As they say up here "if you do not like the weather wait an hour". To the West of Inverness midges may be a problem. although I have not encountered them in my visits to the city itself.
If you are a member of either of the clubs they both have good sites around Inverness with the C&CC Loch Ness site having the best views. . The CAMH has Stonehaven and Silverbank handy for Aberdeen, but the C&CC has only Tarland which is a fair way out. As club members we have not tried any non club sites though.
Nov 6, 2005
I don't think there's a single best time - even winter's good if you like winter sports.

Aberdeenshire can get very windy, particularly cold when it's from the east - in spring warm weather can bring "har" a cold sea mist along the coast - but it's a great area for beaches, cliffs and wildlife, and not very touristy.

Inverness can get busy, particularly anywhere near the North Coast 500 (NC500) tourist route - the Moray Firth is the sunniest part of Scotland as it's in the rain shadow of the Grampians for wildlife, visit Chanonry Point a couple of hours before high tide as a pod of dolphins feed on the salmon and generally play around, Spey Bay where Osprey can be watched while they fish and there's rumour of a large monster in Loch Ness!

Sam Vimes

Sep 7, 2020
I live on Skye. The best part of the year is from early April until beginning of October, with the early months generally more consistent year on year.

Midgies come out about June onwards but a moderate breeze will stop them swarming and there's usually a breeze here.

There are a couple of good campsites here, one of which is run by the C&CC. The others are independent and if your interested I could provide more details.

Problem with Skye is that its become a tick box tourist location and the popular tourist hot spots can get very busy at times. This could also be said of the NC500 route.

Skye is also located conveniently should you with to visit the outer isles - Lewis and Harris etc.

Plenty to see and do in Aberdeenshire and we'll be off there in May this year for a week or so. North this time as we went to the south part last year.

Sam Vimes

Sep 7, 2020
When we went to the Aberdeen area last May the weather wasn't too bad. A mixture of sun and rain. We stayed at the CAMC club site at Stonehaven. While the site was the usual good standard we were not too impressed with Stonehaven itself, but its a good base to explore the surrounding area.

I don't know what your interests are but we enjoyed Crathes Castle, Slains Castle (ruins) and Bridge of Dun. Dunnotar Castle looked interesting but there was an on line booking system that we couldn't get our heads around but you can see it from the outside anyway.

Also lots of nice small harbours.

Nov 16, 2015
Deckchair, I have found this one,
Near to Kintore, which is not too far from Aberdeen,
I have often looked for sites around as I would like to have a look around Aberdeen , before I get too old to go up home. Inverurie is a nice little town, or at least it was.