Service Day

Oct 21, 2020
Today was caravan service day.
Historically I've always used a dealer but last year used a highly recommended mobile tech.
Great service from him, very thorough, excellent and informative report and does not rip you off.
Following a thread in here, I asked him to swap the gas pig tail as the old one was just 5 years fitted, had a braided one fitted and bonus is that no spanner is needed for a bottle change..saving a little weight.
What I really like about this bloke is that he leaves the old one shot nuts to show they were changed and does little jobs at no extra cost..this time it was a number plate light bulb (and cleaning of the terminals) and a top up of the Alde fluid...even checks, cleans and adjusts the motor mover.
If anyone in the NW needs work done give me a pm for his details.
Off to The New Forest on Sunday for a lovely week of walking and chilling.

Mar 14, 2005
Its great to read of someone who is more than satisfied with a trades persons performance.
May 7, 2012
We have used the same firm Motor Home Repair Service for the last four years and have no complaints and the only extra job we asked for was done without problem. The caravan is always returned on time, and the one shot bolts there and the out of date pig tale was swapped at the last service.. Our initial choice was due to the dealer being 70 miles away but we have had no reason to regret the choice. Despite the name they do a lot of caravans.
Jan 3, 2012
Nice to know there are still people who you can trust to give as excellent service with some extras thrown in. Gives you peace of mind when you are off on your holidays to know you are safe when travelling and can enjoy a relaxing and restful time with no worries. With a good person to care for you van in the future when any problems occur you know hes only a phone call away.


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