small microwave oven

Oct 27, 2005
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Hi, We would like to get one for our van. There is no dedicated shelf/cupboard for this as far as we know ( someone please tell me if I'm wrong - van is Lunar Quasar 615) If we have to have a microwave on the worksurface it won't leave room for anything else. Anyone have any suggestions or has anyone found a really compact microwave. Also do we have to worry about the power because most of them are 800w or more. Thankyou Denise.


When we carry one it is either in the boot, or on the floor of the van. On site it sits on a table in the awning. Power will not be a problem on CC and C&CC sites here in the UK, however, be careful in France as the power levels are much lower, so we tend to leave it in the UK, plus in the heat you don't need it. We bought ours from Sainsbury's, 30 quid for one with a digital panel, so cannot be bad.
Nov 6, 2005
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Try Argos, Comet or Currys. They all sell a range of sizes.

The quoted power of microwaves is the heat output, eg 800w, but you need to be concerned with the electrical input, which will be more like 1200w - 2000w. This will be on a rating plate at the back.


Mar 14, 2005
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Hi Denise

We're the same as Scotch Lad, we carry ours on the floor of the van and put it in the awning on a sturdy table. I think ours cost around


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