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Jun 17, 2011
We generally use hook ups but even with 110 battery, and a mover, I am concerned about flattening the battery. (My worry is the weight of the battery in changing it for charging.) I'm thinking of solar panels so we can do more non hook up CLs. Any suggestions welcome, proes and cons, suppilers, what do I have to do to get the charge into the van etc. Real beginners stuff this one!

Thanks in anticipation.
Mar 14, 2005
Basically you need a solar panel and a charge controller.

I use a 55 solar panel watt mounted permanently on the caravan roof with a 5 amp charge controller mounted in the wardrobe, connected to a 110 A/H battery.

You will need to shop around on the internet for the best prices at any one time.

My panel was
Mar 14, 2005
I totally agree with Rob. You could get away with a smaller panel. Mine's 30 watts. Had intended to buy two but wasn't neccessary. Basically a panel will slow down the rate of decline in battery charge. So instead of it dying in say three days, it might last six. You need to calaculate what your own particular needs are. Failing that, 50 watts sounds fine option. I've got one that has the crytalls laid on a semi-flexible alluminiun sheet. The one's that are designed for house roofs are brittle. These are more robust for caravanning. You can tell a good panel from the also rans. The best ones' are bright blue in colour. Try
Mar 14, 2005
Hi Chris,

By plugging in the white lead to the car, you can use the car battery, this will save the 'van battery. This is great if you are out and about a lot as the car battery will keep getting topped up. This wont recharge the caravan battery though.

One idea I had, but not tried in anger yet is to buy an inverter. You can plug this into the car and plug the 'van into the inverter. Select the "onsite" button on the caravan but leave the fridge on gas. The idea is that the 'vans charger will take power from the inverter as if it's on mains hookup and charge the 'vans battery. The inverter has a low voltage sensor and turns itself off if the car battery starts to run low.

I've not been without hook yet to try it but the theory is right.... Isn't it?



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