Southern France / Northern Spain

Mar 14, 2005
Planning on going to Southern France on 28 April - 14 May.

The first week will be house hunting, the second a holiday.

We have decided that, as the first week will require just one base, as the area we will be looking at is fairly small and, as it is low season (prices of caravan sites lower) that we will not tow the van down, but take a smaller car (more mpg less cost) and book a mobile home on a site for each week.

No problem for our first week (hunting) as we know of an ideal site, but can anyone recommend a site for the second week.

It needs to be just up from the Spanish border if in France or a little way down into Spain (say as far as Salou area). It obviously needs to be a site with rented statics, on the beach and quiet and relaxing.

Can anyone recommend a site they have been with their tourer that fits the bill?

Thanks in advance

Mar 14, 2005
Paul, St Martin at Moliets Plage would fit the bill, see posting before yours 'France Atlantic Coast'.


Mar 14, 2005
Paul, have a look at this site:

We stayed there a few years ago, brilliant site, and it has rentable statics.
Mar 14, 2005
Hi Paul,

Stayed at Caming Salata in the town of Roses on the Costa Brava. They have cabins to rent and the site is in a quiet area of the town only 500yds from the promenade that leads directly to the town. Its convenient for the border. The web site is
Mar 8, 2006
Hi we have been going to El Delfin Verde on the Costa Brava for many years. Sounds like what you are looking for. It is just about 30 mins from the French boarder. Check out their website...not sure of the address, but search for it in google or something.

Hope you have fun.
Sep 3, 2005
hi paul

we went for 2 months round france and spain last year.

The best site by far was Camping Begur near palafrugell on the costa brava.They have statics/chalets for hire & their rates from what i can remember are reasonable early in the season.The site is about 1km from the sea.

The area was very upmarket with lots of little coves,dotted with a few restuarants.and outstanding clean beaches,absolute heaven.

the site itself has easy access,incredible facilities,small cafe nice bar & plenty of trees for shade if needed & a big pool.

the only thing that could be said against it is that there were not that many people there??? was mid june though.

best of all was the price for us with a tourer was 81 euros for the week! about


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