Standard SCENIC awning?

May 25, 2005
Thanks LB I have looked in great detail through earlier threads relating to the SCENIC+.

However, I note that the awning rail size is 275cm which is too long for our caravan (Ace Award Dawnstar 2 berth, end washroom) It would obscure part of a window and/or part of the external toilet cassette door. I also understand that it is important that it is on a straight track - not on any part of the curve! For obvious reasons, we do not want it partly obscuring the window (because of possible damage) and it would be impossible to empty the toilet cassette with it in situ.

Has anyone else had this problem?

What is the opinion of forum members with regard to the smaller Scenic model? Is it of the same quality?

Thanks for your help.
Mar 14, 2005
Hi Ann

we started with the standard Scenic and were very happy with it and said that we would only change it if they brought out a bigger one which they then did!

We use ours for our 2 dogs and as a store/wet room, so the additional space from the Plus was welcome.

Its made from the same material and in my view, the smaller one was slightly more stable and less affected by winds - in heavy storms in The Lakes last October, our Plus has marked the previous van where the horizontal pole touches and we have been advised to get some feet or suckers to cushion the load.

The bonus is that it is so simple to erect, quick to dry and if its wet when you pack up, then just put it in the shower until you get home.

Hope this helps



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