Status TV and radio connections

Mar 14, 2005
My 2017 Coachman is fitted with Status TV antenna and amplifier/booster and Pioneer car radio-CD player. Connections to the antenna mast are one co-ax to the amplifier, one co-ax which vanishes into the roof trim but is presumably the antenna for the radio and a single red cable originating somewhere in the roof trip again..
The instructions are fairly basic and do not show the radio connections at all.

Can anyone tell me please:
Is radio reception influenced by the on/off switch on the booster ? I suspect not but would appreciate confirmation.
What is the single wire going to the antenna mast - iif it is power to the electronics actually in the antenna where is the return lead or how otherwise does the power circuit complete ?

Sep 5, 2016
Do you have an aerial on the side of your caraban that folds away, if so this needs to be extended for better radio reception,
Oct 8, 2006
A picture of the amp and connections will help.

There should be a white co-ax from the aerial shaft to the aerial amp input. There should then be two amp outlets, usually black cable, one of which goes to the TV socket and one goes to the radio - unless as Camel queries there is a separate telescopic aerial on the outside of the adjacent panel to the radio. The red wire is most probably the 12V supply to the amp which suggests the amp is relying upon the aerial cable to the radio to provide the 0V - not good practice.
Question: does the radio work at all - note it will only work on FM and probably DAB if the radio is capable but NOT on MW.
Jul 28, 2008
The switch on the booster (and in fact the booster) only affects the TV. The single wire runs up into the masthead to the FM amplifier that’s built in.

I suspect that your radio reception is hopeless? If so, it’s a common thing for some peculiar reason with Coachman caravans over the past couple of years (we have a 2019 that I have swapped the TV antenna, booster and radio, fitting separate FM and DAB (for the replacement radio) antennas).
Mar 14, 2005
Sorry should have said there is no external separate antenna for the radio. Raio reception is not good in the caravan which is parked at home, but it's not very good anywhere at ground level due to the local geography.

Nigels reply is in line with what I anticipated but I'm grateful for confirmation and the other comments. you would have thought that a decent return connection from the internal amp could have been provided. I'll try adding one from the antenna mast body and see what happens.


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