Sterilising on board water tank

Feb 1, 2019
Hello fellow caravaneers. Looking forward to the new season and have a question...
We have a Elddis Crusader with onboard tank. Any tips on sterilising the water system? I know the principle however struggle to work out how to flush the system through afterwards; the tank will not drain down fully and each year I end up having to use a small cup to scoop water out of the tank when draining.- slightly defeating the object! I suppose my question is will it be ok to leave the remaining residue of puriclean in the tank after flushing since I am unable to drain the tank fully? Thanks
May 7, 2012
Not sure how much is left but a very small amount should not be a problem. The alternative would be to leave the drain open and take it for a short spin, with a view to the remainder just draining due to the movement.
Oct 12, 2013
CustardAvenger said:
Why not leave the inspection cover off to allow it to air out? I store my Aquarolls with the caps off.

We sterilize ours every time before leaving a site then when I go to refill my aqua roll there's always a little bit left in which won't come out , I make sure I fill it , empty half of it , swill it around then empty the rest of it , then refill it with fresh water and even for the first few kettles in the caravan we use the tap water from the site so it gets it out of the system in the caravan.
Sep 4, 2017
After a break i always add a dose of Miltons to the aquaroll and flush the whole systrm.
Jun 20, 2005
With an on board water tank. Fill aquaroll/s with water and Milton solution. Leave for 20 minutes or so. Transfer via pump and pipes the Milton to onboard tank. Leave for 20 minutes. Carry on transferring the solution throughout the entire hot and cold system. Do no leave in the hot water tank for more than 20 minutes. Flushed entire system through with fresh water,.ready to holiday.
Feb 1, 2019
Thanks for all your tips. We don’t use the onboard tank or aqua rolls for drinking - just washing up and teeth. Just wish the onboard tank would drain properly; the drain is a good 2cm from the bottom of the tank - bizarre!!


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