Swapping the Bailey - reposted for Paul

Jan 19, 2008
Paul Swapping the Bailey

20 Oct 2005 10:25 AM

It's time for the 04 Ranger 470/4 to get swapped for something a bit nicer! Shortlist so far:

Lunar Quasar EB

Swift Charisma 535

Sterling Eccles Topaz

I know we would not have the fixed bed in the Sterling- but looks a nicely finised product.

I guess that it will depend a fair bit on the P/ex price offered at the dealers but would anyone be able to help me with any recommendations on any of the above?

I appreciate your help


Ive reposted this for you Paul because I noticed you had no replies under General. Hope you dont mind me doing a bit of dusting,

regards Naughty Nancy
Mar 14, 2005
Hi Paul, just picked up a Sterling Eccles Emerald, same range as the Topaz. Once you've seen the interior of one of these, nothing quite looks the same. Very modern and beautiful upholstery. We've just bought a 2006. The prices have come down slightly but they now come with the new ALKO wheel lock (approx


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