Swift Smart HT

Mar 10, 2006
We had a look at the Swift Elegance today. Fixed bed.

Very impressed with the quality of this caravan, its a long time since I've seen a caravan on show that appeared to be assembled to such a high standard.

The floor also seemed solid.

Wife didn't like the shiny doors, and I was surprised I did.

Obviously some small nit picking.
1/ shower appeared smaller than our Valencia V1, fat person would find the space tight IMO.

2/ Cupboards aren't very deep, again compared to the Valencia.

3/ Restricted wardrobe space, and shelves inside would be difficult to use with clothes hanging.

4/ Tap in shower room does not swivel.

5/ Shower room window should be above the sink, and clear to see out.

6/ Cheap looking plastic dash at the front of the lounge, looks out of place against the quality of the rest of the caravan.

7/ water pump access poor placed under the front chest.

8/ Alde boiler should be nearer the axle to reduce nose weight.

9/ Door does not split!!, should be a stable door.

10/ vegetable baskets very small.

Likes over the Unicorn V1.

1/ extra door to access under front bunk.

2/ Proper radiator in shower room.

3/ blind for vent in shower room.

4/ Table storage in shower room to reduce nose weight.

5/ Digital display for Alde at a sensible level.

6/ Fold down table adjacent sink.

7/ Granit effect sink worktop.

8/ integral cable trunking, makes running cables so easy.


Oct 8, 2012
The Alde Boiler is fine where it is, loaded ours for the first time, the way we have done for the previous van, checked the noseweight, 55kgs, moved some heave items forward, now at 85kgs, resulted in putting the box containing the Awning Pegs and the 25 metre Hook Up in the front locker.



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