Tainted water

Aug 29, 2005
Hi I was wondering if anyone knows of a product to flush through the caravan water pipes to get rid of a plastic taste. I first thought it could be the water container so I borrowed my mates brand new aquaroll but it made no difference.

cheers BYRON
Mar 14, 2005
Various products will do this. CAK Tanks sell one, another is Puricleanse from most dealers or a very dilute solution of Milton or baby bottle sterilizer will do, but flush the system well with clean water afterwards.
Mar 14, 2005
Sadly there have been many occurrences of water pipes that taint the water they carry. This is generally down to one or a combination of the following reasons:

Generally the pipes that installed are flexible. To maintain the flexibility the pipe manufactures have to use some materials that can under some circumstances leech out of the pipes in to the water. This is typically found where the water tastes of TCP. This should not happen, and where a caravan is reasonably new, the dealer should replace the pipes that are affected under warranty.

Pipes in caravan are often left fro long periods and this can allow infestations of algae to grow. Most cases can be treated by sterilising the pipe work with proprietary cleaners or more sever infestations may require the careful use of Hydrogen Peroxide (in the correct dilution).

The worst cases cannot be treated and requires the replacement of the affected pipe work.

Just as a note, we have used plastic pipe work in domestic and industrial installations now fro over 15 years. This does not taint the water , so why the caravan manufactures continue to use inferior product made to a special size is
Mar 14, 2005
There are obviously different types / quality of flexible hose around.

This taint / TCP taste doesn't affect all brands of caravan.

It's certainly not been a problem on my 2001 Bailey Pageant nor was it a problem with hose bought from my local caravan accessory shop in 1990 to replace all the pipes in my previous Ace, of '83 vintage.
Mar 29, 2005
hi,in the past on new vans i have always blamed the water pipes,BUT just in the last few days i have found out that it could be the taps or tap,something to do with the copper used inside the tap.on one caravan they changed the pipes and no joy,changed the tap and all was well.i have no way to prove this though.
Mar 14, 2005
I had the same problem, and I believe that the tainted water has a lot to do with local water authorities (chemical dosing)---we went down to chester cc site, last Feb, got set up and then the inevitable cuppa----- tasted awful,----departed after a few days, flushed and "miltonised2 the system at home---tested using our domestic water. tasted fine, a week later we were off to Holland and France---water was fine for the whole three weeks, came home, about 10days later, went up to coniston----kettle on and yuk!! tried water direct from the service point and yuk again!! bottled water for the rest of the trip.


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