There are still some nice people around.

Sam Vimes

Sep 7, 2020
This morning I went to our local post office to send of a book to my grandson. The office was closed but just as I got there the lady who runs it turned the sign around to open. Once inside it was obvious that the computer system was playing up which affectively stopped play. Some one was poking at it trying to get it going again.

Fortunately it partially fired up and I could hand over my book. Not so fortunately was the fact that the card reader was still dead and I had no money with me. She said I could pay next time I was in. However the guy who was poking around the insides - I don't think he worked for the PO - said 'no bother - I'll pay for you'. It was £2.50. What a nice gesture.

What gave us all a laugh was that the lady who runs it then went to give me his change. :)

I don't know who he was and whether or not I'll meet him again - but thank you whoever you are.

(As an aside isn't marvelous how many things have a single point of failure that screws up your life)
Jun 20, 2005
I hope the problem wasn’t a reincarnation of the Horizon Computer system 🤪