Those pesky Calor Lites again.

May 24, 2014
I tried to get a Lite from my nearest dealers today, Kimberley and Ambergate. The latter had none, kimberley said they hadnt had any for 14 months. I tried ringing around and got the same story everywhere. At every place I tried, I was offered a steel bottle but would have had to pay for a NEW agreement which I was very disappointed in. Eventually I rang the Calor Head Office to register my feelings and spoke to a very unhelpful receptionist who continually tried to get me to call the nearest Calor Centre. I had to get insistent and was eventually put through to a lady in Customer Service who could not have been more helpful. I explained I was trying to get a refill and said in no uncertain terms that by now this issue should have been sorted out and asked if the situation was getting worse, and moreso, was there any sign of a resolution.

Firstly she offered to help my find a bottle and promised to ring back in half an hour, which she duly did, not only having found a bottle but arranged to have it delivered to me. Just two minutes before her call I had managed to find one and was about to ring her and tell her, but either way, it was very good service. Not only that, she had asked where we were going on holiday and found three dealers who regularly have stock in, she had rung each to confirm this and supplied me with their details and a contact name for each.

As for a resolution, they have already had 40,000 new bottles, which appear to have been swallowed up by those darn caravanners :) and any day now are expecting another batch of 40,000 which they feel will ease the situation somewhat. Apart from the problems that led to the recall of certain year issue, apparently the building trade had initially taken a load of them and had abused them quite badly leading to them having to scrap around 20,000 bottles that wouldnt have been recalled.

One thing that did become apparent during our conversation that supply of these things is far greater in the south than in the midlands.

Certainly if you have any bottles part full, I would start to look for a refill now rather than when you need it.

Definitley a big thumbs up to the lady at Calor though.


May 7, 2005
After a whole run around getting refills I have stuck my two Lites in the shed only ever to be used in real emergencies, and switched to two of the 10 kg size BP-Lights, a brilliant move in every way. I am not prepared to be mucked about again in this way by Calor and pay a premium for dreadful service.
May 24, 2014
Im beginning to look in that direction too. I can accept anybody having a problem, but it should not have taken this long to sort out.
Nov 16, 2015
My last time at Hertford C&CC , 2 months ago, they had five (5) full lite bottles so changed my empty one there, the warden said he gets a resonable supply.
Aug 9, 2010
Ironically, a month or two ago my local supplier ran out of 6kg steel bottles and loaned me a lite until he got new stock!
Mar 30, 2012
Same here in York this last week out of 5 Calor stockists only one had any stock.

The other four all said they did not stock them, not that they were out of stock but they did not stock them and did not intend to in future.


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