Truma Ultrastore Water Heater

Feb 13, 2022
On the last night of my three nighter after picking up my caravan. Been having some issues with the hot water. I was only getting a very small amount of hot water, barely enough to wash up. I THINK I have possibly solved the issue. I'm on mains water here via AquaRoll ball **** thing (ooh er). I realise too things, I did not have my pump pushed right down into the Aquaroll and also, didn't have the tap turned on fully. My theory is that air was maybe getting into the system and preventing the tank filling properly? I did notice some sputters with the hot tap on. Anyhow, since I have made the adjustments I seem to be getting almost 10 litres of hot water, that was with the gas turned on as well. I realise there are limitations to these systems as opposed to our domestic boilers at home. Is there any benefit to clicking the gas on when I'm using the hot water? Will it heat some of the water as it comes? Obviously I want to avoid using gas where possible.
Mar 14, 2005
In answer to your specific question of whether its worth running the gas side of the heater when drawing hot water from the tank, in practical terms no it isn't.

The Ultrastore is not an instantaneous water heater its a storage water heater, and the way the flame (and the element) are installed cannot heat just the water flowing through the heater, it always heats the whole tank.

Whether using the gas or electric heating, it will take about 30min to raise the tank from cold to hot. You can use both the gas and teh electric at the same time, and that will reduce the heat up time to about 20min.

I presume you haven't read the instructions, In case you don't have them this limk may help

Nov 16, 2015
I find using the gas and electric at the same did help with heating the water during use, not much but it helped whilst showering.
Jul 18, 2017
We often used to switch on the gas just before and shower and left it on during the shower. Instead of 2kw heating you now have the equivalent of about 3.5kw heating the water.
Using gas does heat up the water a lot quicker and you can have a slightly longer shower. We sometimes switch on the gas to warm up the caravan quicker.
However with the rising cost of gas probably not advisable to use gas too much as refills are now quite expensive.

Sam Vimes

Sep 7, 2020
Ditto - that seemed to be the advice in the handbook. If we stagger the showers we don't do this but if everyone wants one, one after the other, then we'll do this.
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