Turn Twin Axle Caravans with ease

Sep 28, 2022
Since having a twin axle we have found turning around to be very difficult even with the twin motor movers.

By the simple science of things to spin like a single axle puts huge side pressure on the tyres which really isn't good for them!

A recent driveway change also meant that we could no longer turn the caravan around using the neighbours (father-in-laws) entrance and the drive was actiually narrower than the caravan is long.

A calculation showed that the one gap leading to the front door was a wide enough area to turn it but it would have to properly spin to do it.

I looked at driveway turntables and they were hitting 5 figures even for manual ones so I set about designing my own.

This video is the fabrication and testing of it.

A long video I know but shows the full process and very gentle first test of it. We also moved the van around a little to minimise things for the first test.

We neededn't have worried though as it performd perfectly with just one alteration needed to clear the rear motor mover cross bar.

In future we will be able to drive straight to the end of the drive, pop the turntable in place, reverse the caravan on and spin it around.

I hope you enjoy the journey with us - I am very pleased with the result and it looks very smart in the black finoih with the silver fittings.

View: https://youtu.be/rvKqZe3YSKo
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Jul 18, 2017
Although the finished article looks good, that is a lot of faff when a AWD motor mover would solve the issue. We do a bit of back and forth jigging and our twin axle caravan turns quickly and fairly easily without ripping off the tyres.
In the video as it is a gravel driveway turning with AWD motor mover should not present any problem at all and should be even easier.
Mar 14, 2005
I agree with Buckman, whilst the systems does seem to have been constructed very strongly, it does have a number of flaws, such as its size and weight, and the fact the wheel channels are much higher off the floor than ideal.

I can't deny it does work, and it might suit the builder, but its only going to be a home device for people who have the space and strength to move it.

I guess the majority of caravanners are unlikely to have the skill, or knowledge of where to obtain the parts or the equipment to manufacture it, so its a very niche product.

I'm puzzled as to why despite having a four wheel mover (evident from around 28minutes into the video) why it takes so many people to apparently need to push and pull? That is what the mover is designed to do without assistance.

But another question that your film or explanation does not make clear is I'm guessing you hitch up and pull the caravan out of the drive, Why not reverse caravan onto the drive and just use the mover over length of the drive?

Nice try and there's no denying it does work, but I don't think its going to have mass appeal.
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May 7, 2012
Ingenious idea although possibly it needs a bit more work as it does look hard work to use. I suspect with practice though it should help in your situation.
Jan 3, 2012
I think the idea looks good but if you are disabled i would preferred the easier option with a motor mover but that my choice


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