Used Bailey Pageant Series 5 buying tips

Aug 23, 2009
We nearly bought a new Bretagne in 2007 but ending up going for the Coachman Amara 560/6 that was parked on the forecourt next to it. No comparison between the two vans. At that time Coachman were still a more solid van and the extra couple of inches width made a huge difference to the working of the van.
Nov 11, 2009
We bought new Bailey S5 Pageant Bordeaux in 2005 and kept it until 2014, when we "gave up caravans and sold everything"! It was the 4 berth fixed end bed and was an excellent caravan, having a weight upgrade to 1400kg MTPLM meant we could carry 250kg payload (old style definition) and with 7m overall length it had good front settees and a nice size fixed bed. I am 6ft 4 inch. The weight upgrade required new uprated LI tyres.

It was very reliable and gave no damp problems. However at its year 2 service it had a new front panel, and a new rear panel at year 3 service. This was a manufacturing fault that affected quite a number of early S5 and caused by incorrect tightening of screws in the seals that joined the end panels to the roof. It led to cracking which could let damp in. If caught early it didn't cause a problem and the work was done under warranty.

When the S5 was introduced many experts criticised the lack of anti-condenstion panels. Bailey felt that given the S5 insulation such panels were not required. Our Dealer fitted some under warranty as we did suffer unacceptable condensation to the settee backs that I felt wasn't acceptable.

We enjoyed many holidays here and abroad in the S5 and it was a delight to tow and own.


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