Useful Bird and Plant Identification Apps

Nov 11, 2009
This weekend we went to Wales and spent some time in an area of Temperate Rain Forest, of which Wales has some of the country’s remaining areas. My son had two apps which came in really useful. Plant. Net allows plants to be identified via the phones camera. It can log your location so the parent institute builds up a picture of where the species are located. This app is funded by the French government.

The other app by Cornell Labs is Merlin ID for bird identification. It listens to bird songs where you are then offer’s the species identification. Must say it was very accurate both in the rain forest reserve and the area of woodland our son has. You can also select a bird species and play its song on the phone to try and encourage birds nearby to respond.

Both apps are approved to download from the app stores.

Jul 18, 2017
I had the plant app which is good when it worked, but found that in rural areas where signal is poor the app for obvious reasons could not function. If we had decent 3 or 4G coverage in rural areas, it would be brilliant. At the time if you took a picture of the plant, you could not access the photo via the app to identify the plant, but that may now have changed?


May 7, 2005
I use "Seek" on my android, I am quite impressed how good it can often be, and amazed how these mega brains can write such software.


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