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Washing the caravan.

Aug 25, 2019
Hi everyone!

I have had my caravan over a year now, I keep my caravan in storage when not in use, and never bring the caravan to my home as my street is really narrow.

What would be the best way of washing the caravan? I was thinking a mobile caravan cleaning service but I've heard bad reports of windows getting scratched.

Would anything be said about cleaning the caravan on a caravan site when on holiday?


Jan 31, 2018
Yes some specifically say you can't on site-some are more relaxed-I wash ours in storage-take some ladders and the aquaroll full, and a watering can plus long brush buckets etc-roof first and work your way down. However it is hard work -and have now bought a Worx hydrojet-battery power washer-it doesn't squirt any where near as hard as a jet wash but sucks from the aquaroll or bucket so makes life rinsing far far easier.
I use Autoglym car shampoo-followed by one yearly coat of superresin polish although am on Bilt Hamber speed wax at the mo-seems good, and then a 3 month top up with carplan number one topgloss which is the easiest quick polish I have ever had the pleasure to use-superb-water like you spray on and rub off-even did the roof with it!
May 24, 2014
A lot of car valeting companies have started to offer a valet service for caravans, but as a general rule, avoid them like the plague as most of them havent a clue about the differences between car and caravan, and in particular sealants. As per the Pressure Washer thread, which these guys believe is the holy grail, its likely to do more damage than good.

First things first, at a storage yard the ground is very often uneven, you will find yourself on the top rung of the step ladder and the top of a caravan has virtualy no hand holds, plus when you start to wash it the top surface is a slippy as ice, so do be extra careful.

You can get soft brushes, some on a pole that pull water by capillary action from a bucket, and providing the storage yard has at least a water supply, at least you have a start.

The job will be much easier too using the proper products. Car shampoo to Fenwicks has no comparison, as the latter will clean it much quicker and easier. A bog standrad garden spray with Bobby Dazzler will go a long way to keeping it clean for longer, and Fenwicks Windowize will easily remove faint scratches on the windows.

Fenwicks Caravan Clean & Bobby Dazzler Twin Pack (Both 1 Litre Bottles) : Amazon.co.uk: Automotive

I would recommend giving the windows a good sluice before wiping over with sponge or mit, as they are incredibly easily scrtached. get the grit off first.
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Jan 3, 2012
We are lucky with our caravan storage there is a wash down facility i just take my extending brush for the van roof and wash from top to bottom with Fenwick caravan cleaner and then give it some Bobby Dazzler if i have time ;)
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