Water ingress.

Oct 10, 2011
Hi. Had an awning rail replaced and a roof strap resealed at the end of last year due to sudden water ingress at the rear of a bailey gt60 ranger.
I monitored the van and heated and vented whenever possible throughout the winter and spring.
No further water ingress was evident.
After a weekend away a couple of weeks ago I noticed a slight dampness in the rear corner.
Vans in for a service and will be checked out next week.
I was wondering if anybody has come across this before?
I’m hoping it’s residual water from after the repair or a slightly more minor problem this time.
Anybody any thoughts thanks?
Mar 14, 2005
Sadly water ingress is a continuing risk with any UK and even imports, so you can never say never,

The fact is that the whole caravan will have deteriorated, and if one part has already started to leak, even though it may have been repaired the parts that weren't repaired are now more likely to start showing the same symptoms.

It simply isn't possible for any one who hasn't seen your caravan to tell if your most recent problem is new repair not working or whether its original parts now causing the problem.
May 7, 2012
I do wonder if the wood frame was replaced at the point of the leak, but assume not, as the cost might have been too high, or the repairer thought it did not need it. If it is this I am afraid it would be near a repeat of a lot of the previous job.
I appreciate what the prof says but the caravan should not be damp in the area that was repaired which sounds to be the case. If so I think you need to look at the repairer as the seal may have failed. I accept though that without knowing more we are guessing.


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