Water leak

Feb 9, 2009
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Not long back from 14 days at a CS where we noticed water leaking from he side of the caravan. Our daughter called out that steam was coming from the front seat. Lifted the seat, turned off the water supply and electric supply to the water heater.
The local mobile engineer had been on the site the day before servicing the owners caravan so called them out.
The first thing they did was fill the tank with cold water but no leak and nothing visible. Next thing was to check if the heater element had been damaged. After a while the water heated up and the hot water exit tube became softer and expanded exposing a cut in the pipe where the water was escaping from.
No idea how the cut was made as nothing is stored near it but the van is now 9 years old. How long can we expect the pipes or tubes to last in a caravan ?


Mar 14, 2005
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I would say that the wrong type of pipe was used in manufacture.
Until the harder plastic was used, th eprevious type was semi rigid and was prone to suffer when hot water passed through it.
Older vans should have used reinforced hot water pipes, but sometimes the non reinforced was used.


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