Water pressure in caravan

Jun 17, 2021
Hi I used the shower in the caravan last week and noticed that the water inlet on outside of caravan started leaking. We have fitted a new housing and filter but now it is leaking inside the caravan we think it is a pressure problem but not sure what to do any help would be appreciated
Mar 14, 2005
Hello Mandie,

Basically caravan pipework and fittings are designed for a maximum, pressure of no more that 2Bar cold water pressure typically they run at 1.5Bar max.

You don't tell us how your water is supplied.

Submersible pumps that drop into the water container normally can not cannot exceed that pressure so should always be fine. These are either controlled by a pressure switch inside the caravan or microswitches fitted in each tap.

Some in board pumps can produce much higher pressures but they are limited by a built in pressure switch

The third type of system uses a hose connected to a mains water supply but it must have a pressure reducer fitted to limit the pressure.

Unless a pressure switch has been incorrectly adjusted or it has broken, its very unlikely you have too much pressure.

Caravan pipework can age, and if it has not been properly drained in winter, any water left in the pipes can freeze and damage fittings.

When the filter housing was replaced its possible other connections may have been disturbed or damaged.

Its probably old connectors that might benefit from being replaced.
Jun 17, 2021
Thank you for your reply. we have a submersible pump and I think our taps do have micro switches. I will try replacing all connectors again many thanks



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