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Oct 12, 2013
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Hi all , just received this ....

Passing this on just in case :

Today the radio was talking about Whatsapp Gold.
There is a video that will be launched tomorrow in Whatsapp and is called Martinelli. Do not open it. Goes into your phone and nothing you do will fix it.
Spread the word if you know someone.
If you receive a message to update Whatsapp Gold * Do not open it!
They just announced that the virus is serious.
Send it to everyone.
Sep 26, 2018
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A great reminder to check with Snopes...

Over the last few days there are some new Ransomware (and fake Ransomware) instances going the rounds, particularly in Apple land. I've helped someone with a MacBook ,and two with iOS devices to get rid...

Of course APPLE devices NEVER GET HIT!....

Bookmark Malwarebytes.com which is brilliant for all platforms in the Ransomware scenario


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