Which type of insurance do I need?

Apr 19, 2005
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Can anybody help with this?

My car is covered with Volvo Euro Assist (RAC) who say they will recover the car and caravan from Europe in the event of a car breakdown that cannot be repaired etc., but, they will not recover the caravan if just the caravan breaks down.

The caravan insurance (5Cs from Caravan Club) will cover most accidental eventualies, but will not recover from Europe!

Which type of insurance will recover a caravan, and car if necessary, from Europe if just the caravan becomes immobile, eg. after an auto accident that just involves the caravan or if a tyre delaminates and damages the axle?

I can't remember having this problem the other times we have taken the caravan abroad.

Thanks in anticpation,


Mar 14, 2005
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Try ringing/emailing a specialist broker like Adrian Flux and explain to them your problem.

If you cannot find their number or email address post back and I will let you have it - I do not have it in front of me right now.

I have no connection with them apart from my being a client and that they reduced my car insurance from


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