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Aug 27, 2005
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We have just got back from viewing the eldis shamal I mentioned in a previous post. Everything was fine about it until I opened the shower/toilet cubicle door. On the outside wall running across about a foot up from the floor was a patch of wetness (more than just damp!). I checked all the walls with a damp meter and got no reading at all except for this one area.

Its a lovely van, nice condition otherwise. It does need a new blind to the kitchen but that seems to be all. My gut instinct is to walk away, its £2400 and I feel we can do better. My husband thinks we could possibly make a low offer and repair it but Im not too keen.

What do you think?


Mar 14, 2005
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Jane - Don't let your heart rule your head. I may be wrong but I have always thought damp a big No NO.

That damp has got to be from somewhere. It may be a simple leak from a tap that has only just occured and the 'van a real bargain.

If it is not that it could be a very expensive mistake. If you do want to check it out make them let you take the bathroom apart so you can see behind. Also any sign of delamination on the outer wall behind the shower?

If not happy walk away.

Have a look on autotrader - caravans - a good selection there. wide range of prices.


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