Yearly Service Done

Jul 8, 2020
Good Morning all,

Monday i had the yearly service done on my swift, all was well no concerns . However i got chatting to the Engineer and he was surprised my rear panel was still in such a good condition as these are prone to hairline cracks ,thankfully mine was all ok.

This got me thinking , in the future if any do appear what is the best treatment/repair, drill the end of the cracks and prepare area for a good helping of sikaflex or similar product?

what's your opinion , any advice i might need for future reference would be welcome.


Nov 11, 2009
Depends on where they are. If on the two rearmost top corners you can buy matching profiled caps that bond over the originals. So drilling the crack should prevent propagation. Mine had cracks in the offside vertical length and across the roofline. The panel was replaced just before it’s five year warranty expired, so I didn’t have to face the possibility of remedial action.
Jul 8, 2020
Hi Otherclive,

yes i saw those when i was having a nose around on line, as i said mine has no cracks and hope it stays that way , just really curious to see what others have used or done in the past .
May 7, 2012
Swift have had some problems with this, although looking at numbers on the forums it was by no means all that suffered. The biggest problem seemed to be with Eldiss models although I am aware of some issues with Lunar models and a few Coachman ones.
Most were covered under warranty as they turned up fairly quickly. If yours has not had a problem then it should be sound but repair is possible as Other Clive says.
Oct 17, 2010
Had the caps fitted to mine, small cracks high on the rear corners. They drilled both ends of splits, then actually opened then up a bit to allow the Sikaflex to get inside.
That was 7 years ago----- So far so good.

Then I reversed into my drive straight into a planter, that I'd put there, result a crack 18 --- 20 inches long to the bottom nearside corner. repaired it myself, pleased with the results. so they are repairable.


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